All curbside pickup orders will be scheduled once payment has been verified by Tough Stuff Recycling.

Residential Curbside Pickup

Please input your quantity below. Note: A mattress and a box spring are considered separate pieces.

See Conforming Guidelines for Pick-Up


Mattress and Box Spring Conforming Guideline for Pick-Up

An acceptable or “conforming unit” is defined as:
In order to eligible for Pick-Up, a mattress must be:

  • Free of bed bugs or other insects/vermin
  • Not heavily soiled
  • Dry – Lightly damp is acceptable
  • Free of human bodily fluids
  • Removed from any solid waste, trash, debris or other refuse.
  • Enclosed in a mattress bag
  • Placed at the curbside, not at the front door or in the front yard.

Pick-Up instructions unless otherwise instructed by staff:

  • Mattress must be placed in a mattress bag to protect it from the elements and ensure safe handling for the onsite team accepting the mattress and or box spring.
  • Only mattresses and box springs are allowed.

What is not allowed for Pick-Up:

  • Futons
  • Mattress toppers
  • Bed frames
  • Pillows or other bedding